Cara Delevigne sells an NFT video on her vagina

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After Eminem, Emily ratajkowski and so much other celebrities, it’s the turn of Cara Delevigne to enter the world of NFTs. The hugely popular 28-year-old British actress and model to auction off video of herself naked and talking about her anatomy to raise funds for her foundation for women’s rights, the LGBT community and the struggle against global warming.

Cara Delevigne, a rising personality in modeling and cinema

Cara Delevigne is a global celebrity with a lot of follow on Instagram. She has a prestigious career in modeling. Indeed, at only 19 years old, she became the muse of Burberry and then she was a model for several magazine covers, advertising campaigns and fashion shows. Recently, she made a promising film debut as an actress in the film. Suicide Squad and the series Carnival row.

What does this NFT look like?

In order to create the token, the star teamed up with Chemical X, an anonymous artist, who has already made creations for Fatboy slim, Dave stewart or Orbital. While most NFTs are mined on the Ethereum blockchain, this one is mined on Bitcoin. NFT is sold on the ThisIsNumberOne platform, the first NFT platform to use bitcoin to mine works of art.

Concretely, the NFT token contains a 30-second video of her in front of the ocean, naked, without makeup, arms covering her bare chest, in front of a sunset with a beach in the background, and talking about her vagina. This video is called Mine, that is to say “mine” in French. This name seems quite coherent to the artist: “My first word was ‘to me’. To me that means the thing that is most mine. My vagina. I own it, it’s mine and nobody else’s. I choose what I want to do with it, and no one will take that away from me ”.

The objectives behind this video

With this video, Cara Delevigne said she wants to “remind people how incredibly powerful they are, how beautiful their bodies are and how proud they are.” The primary objective of this video is therefore to create in the Internet user a feeling of acceptance of himself, and, in particular, of his physique.

The second objective is to generate profit by selling this NFT. They will then be paid to the Cara Delevingne Foundation, which advocates for women’s rights, the LGBTQ community, mental health and the preservation of the environment.

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