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With this campaign, Bugaboo hopes to connect with modern parents and parents-to-be, where “the focus is on diverse, authentic and wonderful parenting.”

The brand engaged independent digital advertising agency AnalogFolk to create the strategy and imagery for ‘Adventure Awaits’.

Bugaboo shows that concepts such as parenthood, society and what we mean by a family have changed a lot. The brand says it is driving these changes by building a bond with a new generation who see parenting as an adventure and sometimes color a little outside the lines.

Bridget O’Lone, Bugaboo Global Brand Director, said: “Families come in all shapes and sizes. What Bugaboo families have in common is a love of fun and adventure. Our products are designed for outdoor adventures. Even though we were dealing with a global pandemic, the AnalogFolk team quickly proved to be a great partner. They give color to our brand with their bold and lively communication.’

With the campaign, the brand hopes to increase brand awareness and attention for the brand. We do this by means of a 30-second promotional film, several 15-second product-oriented films and visual lifestyle and product photography.

Adventures Awaits can be found on social media, YouTube, retail locations (in brick-and-mortar stores and web shops) and

The recordings took place in Portugal under the direction of Thomas Nuijten of Mr. Frank and supported by More Maria Productions. Massive Music wrote a Motown/soul/funk soundtrack.


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