Bitcoin J1 Conference – “What doesn’t kill Bitcoin makes it stronger”

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The cream of the Bitcoin community will meet from June 04 to 05 in Miami. Here is an anthology of statements made for this first day. We’ll be watching the whole conference so stay tuned to Cointribune. LIVE STREAMING HERE.

Two punchlines from the mayor of Miami during his opening speech:

“The era of central bank-printed money is coming to an end.”

“We were the first to adopt bitcoin. “

Senator Ron Paul then spoke to talk about freedom:

“We don’t need more nuclear weapons.”

“A lot of money is circulating lately, but it’s counterfeit.”

“What we need to do is get rid of the Federal Reserve… The FED is philosophically out of breath. They have no idea what they’re doing anymore. ”

“If you don’t like the dollar, you should have the absolute right to use whatever currency you want.”

“The US national debt is $ 28 trillion… Grimly, things are going well for Bitcoin.”

“People here [à Bitcoin 2021]… Are much better informed than the people in Washington. ”

“This pandemic is fabricated.”

“You don’t create more wealth by creating more money.”

“We have the right to live our lives and we should have an absolute right to the fruits of our labor. We should not be told how we should live our lives. “

Nick Szabo, the creator of the ancestor of Bitcoin (Bit Gold), told him about the history of money:

“We are in the final stages of two radical experiments ..:
1.) A worldwide monopoly of fiat currency.
2.) Global digital centralization ”

“Centralized systems create toxic political environments”

“Good money must have intrinsic value”

“Fiat currencies end in disasters.”

“Bitcoin has solved a lot of the problems that precious metals have.”

“Since the end of Bretton Woods, the world has continued to accumulate debt. The fiat currency encourages banks to lend more and more money. ”

“Since the financial crisis, the downgrades of debt ratings by rating agencies have multiplied. Even the safest debt, the sovereign debt of governments, is no longer necessarily secure. ”

Finally, the two stars of the day: Max Keizer (whose first words on stage were “Fuck Elon”) and Michael Saylor.

“We are not selling, Fuck Elon”

“If you keep your money in the form of fiat currency, you lose 1% -2% per month.”

“When I discovered bitcoin a year ago, I thought to myself that it was digital gold and its value would be multiplied by 100, and that I should buy as much of it as possible.”

“What doesn’t kill Bitcoin makes it stronger.”

“I think bitcoin is the most efficient use of energy that the human species has ever invented.”

“I see bitcoin as the most secure, the most reliable, the most certain thing in the entire economic world.”

“Bitcoin makes the whole financial system rational. Bitcoin gives back to the human race its freedom and property rights. ”

“Bitcoin is hope for 8 billion people.”

“There is no reason why he [bitcoin] cannot become a creature of $ 200,000 to $ 300 trillion.

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