After Just Mining, Deskoin obtains the PSAN!

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Deskoin follows Just Mining and obtains the PSAN

Yep, it seems that the businesses started by the friend Owen either without surprises, in accordance with French law, Deskoin having also obtained his PSAN. A sesame which although obligatory is often too difficult to obtain… so to “obtain two”, we can only congratulate them.

But besides, what is Deskoin ? It is a broker operating at European level launched in 2018 by Julien Henrot-Dias and Owen Simonin. Unlike other platforms, Deskoin compare prices from over 10 platforms to provide you with the best rates.

The platform also makes it a point of honor that companies registering with it are verified within 72 hours against 1 to 2 months for its competitors.

To see what the platform has in the belly, the easiest way is still to go there. In addition, this one has undergone a complete graphic overhaul! So good visit to you.

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