African modern art exhibition in NFT at MOMAA

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Crypto art is an artistic movement that is revolutionizing the art market. Its emergence is linked to blockchain technology, which allows a unique certificate to be issued in digital form. The resulting artistic product is called an NTF (Non Fungible Token). The project is so successful that for the first time, a major auction house presented a digital work, at the same time accepting payment in virtual currency. Building on this initial success, the art world recently saw the launch of the NTF African art exhibition which presents the portraits of two African rulers.

African motivate art

The MOMAA launches an NTF African art exhibition

Recently the Museum of Modern Africa Art Gallery & Lifestyle (MOMAA), used non-fungible tokens (NTF), for the launch of an exhibition of modern African art. The 30-day event is NTF’s first ever exhibition of MOMAA. It will present the works of the man nicknamed the Portraitist. Goran Pin his real name is a Croatian artist, which keeps pushing “the limits of cryptographic art on several levels”.

The MOMAA announced through a press release on its official website that during this exhibition, the NTF Portraitiste collection of kings and queens will be highlighted. These are the first portraits of African kings and queens that are engraved on the blockchain.

NTF artist Goran Pin has been presenting various non-fungible token art objects for a few years now. In its press release, the MOMAA emphasized that this is the first time that 30 of the 32 portraits of the Kings and Queens collection will be struck simultaneously on the blockchain. This will be the first NTF collection from all royal families around the world.

The Portraitist Goran Pin congratulated for his work

As the press release reveals, these are the portraits of two African kings (Letsie III and Mswati III), which will appear in the Portraitiste collection. The MOMAA took the opportunity to congratulate the artist, who has chosen to help associate crypto art with traditional art. Goran Pin has indeed had the merit of putting the auction of his entire collection on hold to focus on the NTF collection on display.

The antiquity of non-fungal symbolic art on display includes two photos of African king and queen minted into the blockchain. Like cryptocurrencies, NTFs are the new blockchain-based collectibles. They are therefore aimed at a very special audience.

In recent months, these works of art, which are based on blockchain technology, have increasingly aroused the interest of many people. Jack Dorsey the boss of Twitter recently put up for sale its very first tweet which was published in 2006. The bidding has continued to rise for this NFT, already reaching $ 2.5 million. Will crypto art end up completely replacing traditional art? The future will tell.

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