Advertisements for crypto wallets accepted by Google, the promotion of ICOs, it remains unauthorized …

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Today’s announcement comes from the American tech giant: Google, the all-powerful search engine that dictates its laws on what can or cannot be advertised on its platform has found the very specific case of promotions for crypto wallets. From the beginning of August of this year 2021, we will therefore again see the appearance of advertisements highlighting wallets allowing you to protect your cryptocurrencies.

Ah yes, if you have recently joined the crypto sphere, you should know that Google and cryptocurrencies is not a great love story, far from it. Indeed, in 2018, the G of GAFA decided to outright ban all advertising related to cryptocurrencies as well as associated products including wallets. A doctrine which had been confirmed by the many youtube channel closures dedicated to the crypto topic.

After this extreme decision to boycott cryptocurrencies, Google backtracked but only for ads about crypto exchanges. It is now the turn of companies which advertise wallets to obtain their exemption. However, they will have to complete the certification process of Google. In a press release posted on the blog of Google, the firm explains that this change is made in the direction of a better respect of the regulations related to financial crime in the US. What leaves us perplexed as to the real reasons which dictate the multiple changes of opinion of Google on the case of cryptocurrencies.

Finally, to finish illustrating this ambiguous relationship, a sudden yes, a sudden no, when it comes to ICOs and other cryptocurrency comparison services, it’s always no for Google, no advertising is allowed for these topics. With this announcement, we therefore expect to see a good number of wallet advertisements. Ledger or Safepale. Besides, if your heart still swings between the two, we had the opportunity to test for you at Cointribune.

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