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About sixty positions in the viewfinder of G4S

The management of the company, leader in security in the Grand Duchy, has confirmed its intention to part with around 5% of its workforce. A social plan that it intends to decline in three phases.



The management of the company, leader in security in the Grand Duchy, has confirmed its intention to part with around 5% of its workforce. A social plan that it intends to decline in three phases.

More than a year now that the covid crisis is playing yoyo with companies specializing in surveillance. Sometimes there must be security guards at the entrance to shops to ensure compliance with health instructions. Sometimes we have to put an end to the guarding of deserted offices due to lockdown or massive recourse to teleworking. Sometimes the agents are invited to stay at home because no more parties, concerts and other trade shows are held. Ups and downs on which, today, the company G4S relies to justify the initiation of a social plan.

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Initiated in early March, the procedure to dismiss 38 employees ended on Monday with the signing of an agreement between the union and management. After all the same a passage through a procedure of non-conciliation, indicates Monday the LCGB.

The announcement was made on May 5 and this Friday, in a meeting with staff representatives, management confirmed this choice. Assuring wanting to reduce its ranks by 5% of employees, or about sixty positions out of these 1,200 recruits. “It was even specified that the company intended to carry out this reduction in three phases, notes Paul Glouchitski, general secretary of LCGB. A first wave at the signing of the social plan, a second in September and the last in the third quarter of 2021 ”.

This would conclude a year started by 13,000 hours of partial unemployment granted from January to March. “But for us this choice is incoherent,” recalls the LCGB, which is united with the OGBL on this issue. Indeed, the resumption of activity seems to be approaching with the lifting of restrictions announced and to be expected. Performance halls will be able to accommodate more audiences, stadiums will be able to meet spectators, and gatherings will bring together more people. “These are all elements that will require monitoring.” Hence the incomprehension of the unions on the choice of the direction of G4S.

Moreover, internally, the announced elimination of 60 jobs calls out. Indeed, a few days ago, on the information exchange platform open to employees, the company announced the recruitment of eleven additional female agents. And this to take over passenger checks at Findel airport. Same thing on the Facebook page of the company which calls for dog handlers … “On the one hand, we degrease, on the other we hire. That does not make sense.”

Dan Kersch solicited

For the unions, if a solution to the crisis must be found, it must be sought in a plan for maintaining sectoral employment. “A bit like what has just been concluded for the bus sector,” says Paul Glouchitski. This choice would thus make it possible to continue to allow part of the employees to benefit from partial unemployment, would make it possible to take early retirement, etc.

For Michelle Cloos, central secretary OGBL, it is appropriate that the direction solve “its possible problem of overstaffing” by something other than dry layoffs. “There is a name security guards were classed as the essentials of society, and now we want to kick them out. Unbelievable.” And to appeal in particular to the solidarity of the Security sector because some companies could certainly call on the staff of G4S for a loan of temporary labor.

In addition, the OGBL (majority union in the company) intends to request an interview with the Minister of Labor. Dan Kersch (LSAP) to be alerted to the situation of G4S “which has benefited greatly from the public windfall with the payment of partial unemployment, but which has done nothing (training for example) to ensure a better future for its employees” .


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