Winning when everyone loses? Also possible with cryptos on the PrimeXBT exchange!

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Do you see the crypto market collapsing and you could see yourself replaying the crypto version of the movie “The Big Short”? Good news, we have found the exchange you need to make this happen, it is PrimeXBT. with average daily volumes of $ 545 million, the exchange allows trading with strong leverage to take advantage of the rise but also the fall of the markets. We explain how it works.

Warning : This article is brought to you by the company PrimeXBT. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment incentive..

PrimeXBT: a complete exchange

Indeed, the exchange offers you to trade several asset classes. Whether it is cryptocurrencies, currencies, stock market indices or even commodities, the major advantage of PrimeXBT it is to offer strong leverage up to x1000 on currencies and commodities, as for crypto, the leverage goes up to x100. On the exchange you will be able to open this type of position on the Bitcoin, Ether but also the XRP or EOS. You can also use the code COINTRIBUNE50 to benefit from a capital trading bonus of 50% on the 1st deposit in BTC. To do this, join the platform by clicking on this link.

Leverage, understanding the perfect trader’s instrument

You’ve probably heard of it before, but a little booster shot won’t hurt you? Leverage is a financial instrument that allows you to increase your exposure to the market. You will see that with one example, leverage is not so rocket science as it might sound. You invest 100 euros in bitcoin without leverage, its price increases by 10% and you decide to sell, your gain then amounts to 10 euros. Now you use a leverage x100, you always invest the same capital of 100 euros, with the leverage these 100 euros will allow you to open a position worth 10,000 euros on the markets. Also in the same day if the Bitcoin takes 10% and you resell, this time your earnings will be multiplied: they amount to 1000 euros. This is where the power of leveraged trading lies.

Long vs Short: profits on the rise but also on the fall in prices

Once you have integrated the concept of leverage which increases your exposure and therefore your gains, but also your potential losses, this is why we always say that you have to stay cautious and not to go ball in head when we start playing with this type of instrument, we can now start talking about long or short. Once again, let’s make it simple and concrete: opening a so-called “Long” position means that you think the price will increase, you are betting on the price increase. Opening a “Short” position is the reverse of long, you open this type of position when you think the price will go down. You see what I mean ? And yes that means that there are traders who win big or even very big and that even when prices are in free fall. Thus, if you open a “Short” on the price of Bitcoin with a leverage of x100 on an investment of 100 euros of capital, a fall in the price of 10% offers a profit of 1000 dollars to the trader.

Conclusion, trading regardless of the market trend on XBTPrime

Now that you can see the very powerful potential of leverage, several strategies are available to you, scalping to use very high levers on very short-term positions or the so-called “pyramid” strategy to accumulate Modest leverage positions when a trend is well identified. In conclusion, beginners as well as experienced traders will find in XBTprime a complete exchange both in terms of covered markets and financial instruments available to trade and appropriate leveraged strategies to be profitable even when the markets are in. neon red …

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