Tui closes 55 travel agencies – 400 employees have to leave

Tui moves away from the travel agencies: After long negotiations, the provider closes 55 branches. Those who go voluntarily should receive a higher severance payment. Tui is representative of an industry in crisis.

At Tui TUI share After months of negotiations, fewer group-owned travel agencies in Germany are to be closed than initially assumed. According to the decision that has now been made, 55 of the 450 or so stationary branches are likely to disappear, the works council said on Thursday. A good 400 employees would have to leave the company.

Some offices would be merged or would continue to exist despite the original intention to close. According to earlier information, the management wanted to close a good 60 locations.

There is now a social plan that takes effect in the event of dismissals, said the employee representatives. These should be avoided as far as possible, which is why the colleagues in the offices concerned would be offered an “attractive program” for voluntary resignation.

Tui is also driving digitization forward

At least one full salary per year of employment plus three to six additional fixed salaries is provided – with a maximum amount as a cap. Anyone who goes through the social plan without severance pay is entitled to one full salary per year in the company.

The company said that a maximum of 180 employees were affected, some of whom could be offered jobs in nearby travel agencies. Details should follow in the coming week. The discussions dragged on for a long time – in addition to the consequences of the weak sales in several Tui offices, they also indirectly addressed the digitization course of CEO Fritz Joussen.

The works council rejected a blanket reduction in stationary sales last autumn, and the consultations were interrupted in the meantime. The question of whether the chances of certain locations should be examined more intensively was a matter of dispute.

Other providers are also closing their travel agencies

As the largest tourism provider, Tui had ordered high savings, including downsizing, against the background of the Corona crisis. In the company’s own travel agencies, service fees have recently been charged for extensive advice.

At the same time, the digital business should grow, this strategy has been running for a long time. The Tui Group has also closed locations in other countries such as Great Britain.

Competitors such as DER Touristik also put the red pencil on the branches. The company with brands such as Dertour, Meiers Weltreisen, ITS, Jahn and Travelix had announced a severance payment program. There is a corresponding works agreement.

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