Thomas Barta (keynote NMD 2021): ‘Why marketers need to be brave now’

The former McKinsey partner conducted research into what a marketing leader makes with impact among no fewer than 68,000 respondents. To top it all off: Barta is Marketing Academy Leadership Dean and Honorary Fellow of The Marketing Society.

‘This is the time for innovators, changers and rule breakers’
During his opening keynote on September 9 in DeFabrique in Utrecht with the title Why marketers must now be brave he discusses the post-corona era and the consequences for marketers. Barta: ‘It is the brave marketers who will win. Thanks to corona, we have carried out the largest testing programs ever and no one can predict what will come, what will stay or what will change. This is the time for innovators, changers and rule breakers. Do you really have to be brave to succeed? The world’s largest study of courage in marketing has the answer.’

WHAT Nima Marketing Day
WHEN Thursday September 9, 2021
TRUE DeFabrique Utrecht


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