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The number of retirees who have to file a tax return increases from year to year. In addition to the classic system R, there are now three more. We’ll show you what belongs in it.

For the 2020 tax return, there is no longer just one, but up to three systems for pensioners. This is pointed out by the United Wage Tax Aid Association (VLH).

We summarize what you need the new R-AUS, R-AV and b-AV systems for.


You must complete this annex if you receive a pension and other benefits from foreign insurance companies, pension contracts and company pension schemes.

This is the only way for the German tax authorities to find out that you are Payments from abroad got. Because unlike the German pension insurance, the foreign institutions do not transmit any electronic data.

R-AV and b-AV

Here you carry out services domestic pension contracts (R-AV) and from the domestic company pension scheme (b-AV) a. This includes, for example, the pension from a pension fund, a pension fund or direct insurance.

So far, these services were listed in Appendix R, where you had to tick and fill out the applicable.

Appendix R

You need the classic – and now detoxified – system R if you have one Domestic pension received that is not paid by the employer. For example, you can state the amount of the pension and since when you have been drawing it.

You also enter your advertising expenses there. The tax office automatically grants you a flat rate of 102 euros for this. Anything in excess of this amount will further reduce your tax burden.

This year, however, you are not obliged to enter the data in Appendix R for the first time. Because the pension insurance now automatically transmits them to the tax office.

You can find out exactly which data is reported in the so-called pension receipt notification. This should already have been sent to you if you have already applied for it. If that has never happened before, you can here request.


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