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These are the seven golden rules for building owners

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Personal impression

The Augsburg architect Wolfgang Ott once said: “The relationship between architect and client is like a temporary marriage.” In fact, a planner should know many details about the client’s private life in order to be able to design the optimal house. The relationship with a house manufacturer is not that close, but here too there are many things to clarify and possibly critical situations to be overcome. It all depends on sympathy and trust.


The best way to assess the quality and service of your future building partner is by viewing reference properties and talking to previous buyers or builders. With prefabricated house manufacturers you have the opportunity to visit model home parks, but this impression alone is not enough.

Internet forums

Even if a lot of trolls and bad guys speak up in forums: Research is definitely worth it. If certain problems are addressed more often, it should not be a coincidence. Confront the provider with it to clarify critical points.


A reputable property developer or house builder should provide a credit report from their bank at your request. If you have a legitimate interest or as a member of a builders ‘or owners’ association, you can also obtain information yourself, for example from Schufa or Creditreform.

Building description

Consumer advocates very often complain about vague building descriptions, which leave a lot of leeway in furnishing the house. It is not uncommon for builders to have to accept significant cost increases in the course of the project so that the execution ultimately meets their requirements. Before signing the contract, clarify in detail with the companies involved which equipment features you want – ideally with specific product and price information, for example for tiles, window sills, washbasin fittings or floor coverings.

Price-performance comparison

A meaningful price-performance comparison can only be made on the basis of a precise building description. Pay attention to popular tricks: prefabricated house prices are often shown with the restriction “from the upper edge of the basement ceiling”. This means that there are additional costs for the basement or floor slab. 100 square meters of floor slab cost at least 20,000 euros, a basement of the same size at least 50,000 euros.

Independent advice

The planning of a house is a matter that is difficult for laypeople to grasp. In addition, the construction industry has many special legal cases that can be decisive in the event of a dispute. It is therefore essential that you seek independent advice, for example from a consumer advice center or from one of the consumer protection organizations specializing in building.

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