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Bitcoin Magazine is broadcasting the Bitcoin Conference Streaming on Twitter. Here is the streaming of the NAKAMOTO scene:

The conference starts at 3 p.m.. Don’t miss the conference Michael Saylor and Max Keizer at 4:40 p.m..

Find our presentation of the event HERE.

June 04

  • Bitcoin’s Transition To A Multilayer Ecosystem (@wiz) (6.15 p.m.)
  • Building Lightning Businesses (Jack Mallers, Brian Murray, Graham Krizek and Desiree Dickerson) (6:40 p.m.)
  • Who Is A Bitcoiner? (Nimrod Lehavi, Lamar Wilson, Isaiah Jackson, Diana Pires and Leigh Cuen) (7:10 p.m.)
  • The Future that Bitcoin Enables (Brothers Cameron And Tyler Winklevoss and Anthony Pompliano) (6 p.m.)
  • Banking The Unbanked (Jack Dorsey, aka Jack la censure (curious to see the reception that will be given to the boss of twitter….)) (6:25 p.m.)
  • Bitcoin Is DeFi (Oswaldo Lairet, Diego Gutiérrez-Zaldívar, Edan Yago, Jeremy Rubin and Yu-Chi Lyra Kuo) (9 p.m.)
  • What To Do When Your Country Bans Bitcoin? (Alejandro Machado, Boaz Sobrado, Francis Pouliot, Matt Odell and Hector Rosekrans) (8:20 p.m.)
  • The Next 10 Years Of Bitcoin Mining (Edward Evenson)
  • Bitcoin: A Better Battery For Renewable Energy (Ryan Condron)

The complete agenda HERE

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