That is why thousands of taxpayers receive new notices

Some people will be surprised these days: There is unexpected mail from the tax office in the mailbox. The reason for this cannot be seen at first glance. We explain what this is all about and what those affected have to do now.

Anyone who is obliged to make advance payments on income tax has actually received their tax assessment for 2019 for a long time. Nonetheless, it is trickling in again for many – for no immediately recognizable reason.

As the Association of Taxpayers (BdSt) reports, this is due to a mistake in the financial administration. The fact is that the solidarity surcharge has continued to be set on some of the notices, but this no longer applies for most taxpayers since this year.

This affects income tax prepayments for 2021, which, for example, the self-employed, freelancers, senior citizens, but also some employees have to make. “We are assuming several thousand cases that will get the new decision out of the blue,” said Isabel Klocke, head of the tax department of the BdSt, in an interview with t-online.

Who will receive the new tax assessment?

The error has occurred nationwide among those taxpayers for whom the amount of advance income tax payments has hardly changed compared to the previous year. As a result, the tax office wrongly set the old solos again instead of adjusting the payments to the new legal situation.

Since January, the Soli has only been levied on income tax if the taxable income for a single is more than around 62,100 euros.

What do those affected have to do now?

To those whose prepayments were set too high due to the error, the tax authorities want to send a corrected notification by March 10th at the latest. This is the date on which the first tax prepayment is due this year.

Anyone who has given the tax office permission to automatically debit advance payments can assume that the correct amount will be debited, said Klocke. “Many seniors in particular transfer the payment themselves. They have to remember to transfer the new amount.”

Anyone who has already made the advance payment and therefore possibly paid too much will have to be patient until they see their money again. “You can probably only regulate this with the next tax return,” said Klocke.


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