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That is how much the narrowest house in London costs

The London real estate company Winkworth is asking a steep price for a property that is currently being offered for sale again in the English capital. But contrary to what many might expect, this is not a spacious penthouse or a luxurious loft, but rather the narrowest house in London.

Narrowest house in London is 1.6 meters wide

The so-called “tiny houses” are currently very much in vogue. The tiny houses offer a good alternative in times of expensive rents and limited living space, especially for singles and students. However, the house that is currently on sale in London is unlikely to be on budget for most of them. The extraordinary building is expected to cost the buyer more than a million euros – even though it is just 1.6 meters wide.

Buildings should function similarly to a luxury yacht

The house is described as “unique”, “beautiful” and “stylish” in the advertisement – and as “probably the narrowest house in London”. Nevertheless, the interior of the house is anything but cramped, as the London real estate company Winkworth emphasizes. “A space that works – similar to a luxury yacht,” says the published synopsis of the property advertisement.

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms on 96 square meters

The apartment, which is located in West London on Goldhawk Road in the district of Shepherd’s Bush, covers a total of 96 square meters. Despite the small living space, according to real estate agent and sales manager David Myers, the house has everything you could want. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen can be found in the narrowest building in London – in addition to a few other rooms such as a dining area or a reception.

Roof terrace and garden

But does that alone justify the proud price of just under 1.1 million euros? According to real estate agent Myers, the narrowest house in London does not only stand out from the other buildings because of its unusual shape. For example, the central heating of the house is controlled via the intelligent heating thermostat Google Nest, which allows the residents of the house to control the heating via timers and online remote control. There will also be a private and recently replanted terrace garden on the ground floor, which can be reached from the glazed dining area through two large double glass doors. According to the outline, the narrowest house in London even has a roof terrace for its owners.

The perfect house for designers and photographers

Nevertheless, according to the London property ad, the apartment is not suitable for everyone. According to the real estate agent, fans of traditional buildings in particular will find it difficult to convince them of the charm of the narrow property. The extraordinary building is therefore intended more for people who enjoy the “bizarre” and “enchanting”. “The ultimate designer house” for designers, photographers or media professionals, as Myers emphasized in an interview with Travelbook.

The “Keret House” is the narrowest house in the world

The narrowest house in the world is located in Warsaw in the Wola district and was built in 2012 by the Polish architect Jakub Szczęsny. According to the Israeli writer and owner Etgar Keret, the so-called “Keret House” is not even a meter wide – the house is only 92 centimeters at its narrowest point.

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