Spring cleaning digital marketing: 4 tips

Research shows that the corona pandemic the accelerated digital transformation worldwide by 7 years. During this digital transformation, your old digital marketing set-up must first be cleaned up. Now that the world is opening up little by little and a new spring breeze is blowing, it’s time for a big spring cleaning. Today I would like to share four effective cleaning tips to boost your digital marketing.

1. Cleaning Up Email Marketing

Email is still the most important marketing channel for reaching and retaining consumers, according to 80% of retail experts. Now that they are free from third-party cookies, custom email lists become a lot more valuable. It’s time to clean up and refresh your lists. Remove e-mail addresses from your lists that reject e-mails and unknowns, also to prevent spam traps. Also check regularly whether your recipients open, click through and respond to the message. Basically, keep track of your email stats.

A healthy and refreshed email audience will ultimately increase overall marketing success; also because loyal subscribers are four times more likely to share the content online.

2. Remove cobwebs from data architecture

The (marketing) world revolves around data. Ideally, marketers use real-time data as the basis for personalized marketing communications. Individual customer journeys are designed with the help of consumer data. But let’s be honest, because of the amount and busyness of everyday life, it is sometimes difficult to keep data clean. However, it is necessary. If you don’t keep your data clean, you run the risk of missing out and sending irrelevant, intrusive messages. This is one of many reasons why keeping those dates clean – in the spring (and year round) – is a priority.

3. Optimize mobile website

Did you know that 59% of adults prefer to shop on their mobile phone? In 2015, only 14% of the Dutch shopped with a smartphone. Today, smartphones are the number one connection with consumers during their personal omnichannel customer journey and increase your sales. Not convinced yet? Research shows that almost all consumers (93%) who orient themselves via their smartphone actually make a purchase. As a marker, you can continuously influence the buying behavior of your target group, without closing time. Unfortunately, mobile websites regularly still do not function smoothly. And that’s a missed opportunity!

So regularly test all mobile functions for speed and flawless interaction. Below I share five questions that will help you optimize your mobile marketing to deliver a high-quality customer experience:

  • How fast are the loading times of the mobile website?
  • Is the site experiencing delays?
  • Are emails optimized for mobile viewing?
  • Do you offer personalized, dynamic content at the right time?
  • Have you done A/B testing to see which content works best on mobile devices?

4. Clean the website SEO

Don’t forget your inbound marketing during spring cleaning. From mid-2021, Google will change the ‘user experience’ to determine the ranking of a website in the search engine. Google has introduced Core Web Vitals to measure user experience. This tool measures the loading time, interactivity and visual stability of a website. According to Google, these three factors are the most important for a positive user experience. With these four quick SEO strategies, your website’s user service will quickly take shape:

  • Keep mobile loading times under three seconds. Otherwise 40% of users bounce. Tip: reduce the file size of images to speed up the loading time;
  • Also convert images to mobile-friendly formats, such as JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP;
  • Run a Google Search Console audit to remove duplicate content and 404 error pages;
  • Have a neat, keyword-rich layout of website titles and meta descriptions.

At the same time, getting to the top of the search engine ranking takes time. The most important thing is to make your website as relevant and informative as possible for your target audiences. Google wants to show the most relevant results for every search.


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