SAP enables employees to work from home permanently

Work from wherever you want: In the future, the employees of the software company SAP will be able to do that. A survey had shown: Hardly any employee wants to go back to the office completely.

In the future, the software giant SAP will give its employees complete freedom when they work from home, on the go or in the office. “We want to give our employees the choice,” said board member Julia White in an interview with Reuters.

The Walldorf-based Dax group sent a corresponding email on Tuesday to its around 100,000 employees, promising a “100 percent flexible and trust-based workplace as the norm, not an exception”.

In an employee survey, 94 percent of employees spoke out in favor of this path, said Marketing Director White.

Flexible working hours as an advantage when looking for skilled workers

In making work more flexible, SAP is going one step further than many other corporations. Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, for example, allow their employees to spend a certain part of their working hours in the home office.

The new approach is also an advantage when looking for new talent, says SAP board member White, who switched from Microsoft to SAP in March and whose application process took place completely remotely during the Corona crisis.

“I haven’t met a single person,” recalls the American. “As a single mother, I know how important it is to be able to work flexibly.” At the end of May, White traveled to Walldorf for the first time to meet her fellow board members around company boss Christian Klein.

Home office solutions as a business opportunity

To lure employees out of the home office, SAP wants to redesign offices. There will be more spaces for meeting and working together, White said. The employee email shows that pilot tests have already started in London, Sydney and Zurich.

White also sees a business opportunity in making work more flexible. Should customers want to follow suit, SAP has the “technology to help them”.


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