Rosy prospects for wind power at sea

Tuesday, 07/21/2020 2:08 PM from PERSONAL-FINANCIAL.COM editorial team

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Only 32 offshore wind turbines with a capacity of 219 megawatts were installed by June 30th. connected to the German network, according to the official statistics of Deutsche WindGuard, which were presented on Friday. This corresponds to just 11% of the capacities installed in 2015, complain VDMA, BWE, BWO, WAB and the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation.

For the associations, one thing is certain: Germany is in the middle of the threatened expansion gap with a stock of 1,501 offshore wind turbines and a total output of 7,760 MW. But the industry does not want to despair. After all, there is no question that the sector has a future in the wake of climate change and that it will play a decisive role in the major master plans “energy transition” and “green recovery”.

What is needed are the right political decisions in order to keep the resulting gap as small as possible, demand the industry representatives. They see the first important progress already made with the expansion targets that were recently adjusted upwards (20 GW by 2030, 40 GW by 2040) and the adoption of the national hydrogen strategy (around 3 GW of offshore wind energy could be used to produce green hydrogen). Politicians have to stick with it, urge the associations.

The necessary discussions should start right after the summer break. There is no shortage of available space and free network capacities of 1,860 MW in the North and Baltic Seas. However, it is the crux of the matter to award these quickly and with an economically efficient remuneration system. Like the Federal Council, the offshore industry is in favor of a serious examination of contracts for differences in order to make the financing of new plants more attractive.

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