Roaming service for secure WiFi Publicroam grows to 350 connections

Public Wi-Fi is not always secure. The municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague offer visitors secure access to wireless internet in all their buildings via start-up Publicroam. Publicroam will therefore grow to 350 connections.

The start-up from Zeist, Publicroam, was launched in 2018 by Ted Dinklo and Paul Francissen. The service realized the 350th connection in May of this year. In all these places people automatically connect to the internet. Francissen: ‘What is unique is that you automatically connect to all public Wi-Fi networks that participate. This way you always have a direct connection. In addition, the WiFi service is secure and completely privacy-proof. So no tracked or hacked. Many public institutions want to offer visitors secure access to their services. This is a solution for that.’
“The data is only used to provide the service and for no other purpose,” continues Dinklo. ‘Privacy is important to many Dutch people. Many don’t know that access is often given at public Wi-Fi points in exchange for personal data.’

Publicroam: Log in with a personal account

A Publicroam user only needs to log in once and create a free account. After that, you are always automatically connected to all participating organizations.

About Publicroam
Publicroam was founded at the end of 2017 by entrepreneurs Ted Dinklo and Paul Francissen. In 2019 Publicroam was runner-up of the Innovation Award and in 2020 Publicroam won the Dutch Privacy Award.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash.


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