Ride the stability CAC 40

The previous stability CAC 40 should be reimbursed in mid-June at 10 euros. You don’t have to wait until the deadline to sell it and position yourself already on a more suitable certificate.

The wave of profit taking that every investor watches for to return to buying is long overdue. She may not come. Due to the fear of missing the upward train, stock marketers continue to bet on equity investments. This is how the CAC 40 index has just broken through the psychological threshold of 6,500 points, still carried by the very positive message from the management teams of companies on the prospects for a return to growth in profits and by the will of the bankers. central officials to procrastinate before starting to withdraw certain support tools from their monetary policy, which will remain very accommodating anyway. Despite tight valuation levels but in line with the anticipated rebound trajectory of profits, the equity markets may continue to rise and the Paris market will return to its old historic record of 7,000 points dating from the summer of 2000 before the break-up of the bubble on telecoms and internet stocks.

A stability can be refunded at 10 euros or lose all value

It will probably take a little while. This is why the stability CAC 40 (code: LU2088867036) recommended on April 13 on this site for “stock market derivative advice” at a price of 9.39 euros has a good chance of being reimbursed 10 euros at the end of the 18th June 2021. It also quotes 9.94 euros. There is no point in waiting another 15 days to recover 6 cents more. It is therefore better to sell it to position yourself on a better adapted stability. The one selected is still issued by Société Générale with a deadline of August 20 and two terminals located at 5,800 points for the lowest and 7,400 points for the highest. Remember the mechanism: the CAC 40 index must continue to evolve until August 20 within this corridor delimited by the two limits so that the stability is reimbursed 10 euros. Be careful because in the event of an exit from the Paris market upwards or downwards from this zone of fluctuations, the certificate will immediately lose all of its value. The proposed one is worth 8.75 euros and can therefore deliver a significant gain of 14.3% in just over 3 months.

Our advice: buy a stability CAC 40 issued by Société Générale (code: DE000SD5E3V1); deadline: August 20, 2021; limits: 5800/7400 points; price: 8.75 euros; amount: 1


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