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Out to the country: Here a move is particularly worthwhile financially

In the digital age, rural exodus becomes urban exodus. High cost of living and limited living space have long ensured that more and more people have moved to the suburbs of their metropolis. The corona crisis intensifies this trend. Because the boom in the home office is also providing new flexibility in the place of residence. This trend is particularly extreme in New York City. But even in this country, many city dwellers are thinking about moving these days.

City exodus in the Corona crisis

Stepstone has calculated where this step is worthwhile and where it is not. Because – keyword “bacon belt”: the surrounding area is not always cheaper than the metropolis. The job platform took a look at the ten largest German cities. The average salaries and cost of living (expenses for housing, food, transport and leisure) were compared with the data for the surrounding districts. “It shows: Those who live and work in the country often earn less than in the big city. As a rule, however, there is still more money left at the end of the month because the cost of living is more affordable, ”stated the experts.

The comparison therefore assumes that those affected will also start a new job near their place of residence after moving. However, if you keep your old job in the home office, the change will probably pay off significantly more.


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