NRC Media develops content platform for Interpolis Business

For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs
The platform primarily focuses on entrepreneurs who look beyond financial objectives and also pursue a socially relevant goal, within current themes such as corona, business continuity, sustainability and safety and supporting local organisations. In this way they keep the Netherlands going in challenging times, reports NRC Media.

‘Precisely by taking responsibility for today’s major social issues, these entrepreneurs know how to inspire others. They are willing to share their knowledge and also want to learn for themselves. The entrepreneurs and their impactful company are extensively highlighted in the content series ‘Entrepreneurship of significance’, a collaboration between Interpolis and NRC branded content.’

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the relevant business insights shared on this platform, according to the initiators – a welcome support in today’s challenging market conditions. It is a setup that fits seamlessly with Interpolis Zakelijk, by offering smart solutions and services in addition to sharing relevant knowledge and insights that help entrepreneurs get through this difficult time.

‘With Significant company Together with NRC branded content, we are introducing a platform where entrepreneurs can learn from other entrepreneurs. We bring stories and insights together, because we think it is important to connect in these challenging times. Something that is currently difficult for entrepreneurs’, says Evelyn Bartels, brand strategist at Interpolis.

First series published
Podcasts, online and print articles are published within the content partnership, spread over the year. The first articles and podcast were published on Friday 14 May, with the theme of staying physically and mentally fit, even when you work from home. Research by Interpolis shows that many entrepreneurs in the SME sector and the self-employed are concerned about this. Solar cell car manufacturer Lightyear and digital marketer Storm Digital talk about their solutions for this challenge. In the accompanying podcast, productivity expert Patrick Stastra provides additional insights and tips. More information about this case can be found here.

About Interpolis Business
‘Interpolis helps the Dutch business community to focus on what is really important. As an entrepreneur, you make your dreams come true. You go for a sustainable and healthy future. You are not waiting for complexity and setbacks. You want things to be well arranged. Together with experts and entrepreneurs, we develop solutions and services that ensure this. For example in the field of mental and physical resilience. And safe and sustainable business.’

(source: Interpolis)

About NRC branded content
‘NRC branded content develops unique, relevant and meaningful content and translates NRC’s core qualities, namely quality, reliability and expertise into stories that make you wiser. Always with respect for the reader and with the objectives of clients as the starting point. The productions are made in a journalistic way and all have to achieve the desired effect: influence through content.’

(source: NRC Media)

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