Neurensics and ISMI to collaborate

The ISMI Foundation is taking the next step in expanding and broadening its knowledge platform by entering into a long-term collaboration with agency Neurensics, known for research into the influences of marketing on the brain of the consumer as a shopper.

Neurensics connects its expertise to the largest platform for business to shopper network.

Not only will the knowledge gained from neurological research benefit the ISMI members, the ISMI will also initiate research itself using the techniques of Neurensics such as MRI and fNIRS research.

Walter Limpens (researcher at Neurensics): ‘We see a good opportunity in the collaboration to increase and share knowledge about shopper marketing with all members, while at the same time applying surprising new research techniques in shopper practice.’

Bram Nauta (ISMI board member): ‘This is a long-cherished wish: collaboration with a specialized agency such as Neurensics in addition to the collaboration that we previously announced with agency Markteffect. I’m also looking forward to the synergistic effects all this will bring.”


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