My child’s tax ID: where can I find it?

It is not without reason that Germany is considered a country with a great deal of bureaucratic regulation. It’s the same with taxes: even your newborn baby gets its own identification number. What shoud that?

Pregnancy and childbirth are an adventure. There are many new things, especially when it is your first child. Including a letter that you received a few weeks later from the Federal Central Tax Office. The content seems bizarre at first: Your baby is given a tax ID.

But why do children need this number? And where can I find it? t-online explains everything you should know about it.

What does my child need a tax ID for?

Basically: Everyone who has his place of residence in Germany, needs a tax ID – and gets it sent to you automatically. The reason: The individual tax ID is intended to ensure that tax-related data is always assigned to the same person.

The tax ID is not only required for tax questions. She becomes important too when you do Apply for child benefit want.

This is also the reason why your child also has a tax ID from birth – and does not only get it when they come of age. You have to Report your child’s tax identification number to the Family Benefits Officeif you want to apply for child benefit. The number is also necessary if you are, for example Alimony payments want to assert.

Where can I find the tax ID for my child?

You can find your child’s tax ID on the Letter from the Federal Central Tax Office. You will receive this automatically after the birth of your child. You should therefore keep it in a safe place and give it to your child when they are of legal age.

Otherwise you can find the tax ID of your child or children on yours too Tax assessment.

But you should have your child’s tax identification number have lost, that’s not tragic. You can apply for it directly at the Federal Central Tax Office. Read herehow to do this and what you should be aware of.

Important: If you want to apply for child benefit, you should make sure that you have your tax ID and that of your children ready beforehand. Sending a tax ID can take up to ten weeks in exceptional cases.


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