MeMo2 big winner IAB Europe Research Awards 2021

The Dutch cross-media specialist MeMo2 has won an award in four categories at the IAB Europe Research Awards 2021: Best Use of Research Budget, Brand Advertising Effectiveness, Crossmedia Research and Research Innovation.

MeMo2 won the four awards in collaboration with major brands Albert Heijn, Duracel and Iglo, coordinated by Publicis Media. The Real-time and data-driven management within this process was provided by MeMo2’s THX Shopper Analytics Platform. Marcel Vogel, founder of MeMo2, is very grateful that the aforementioned major brands continue their search for cross-media and in-store synergy despite the COVID-19 period.

It is not the first time that the THX platform has won prizes at the award show. The platform won five European Marketing and Research prizes last year and in the Netherlands it has already won an award for Best crossmedia research and a crossmedia innovation award. Vogel: ‘THX shopping analytics platform shows what is currently possible in the field of data-driven Crossmedia and Retail analytics. Important data about the perceived dynamics of media exposure, promotions in stores, (sports) sponsorship and actual purchasing behavior offers context that you can use as a brand and retailer.’


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