Market effect Podcast Monitor: watching podcasts increasingly popular

It turns out that compared to November 2020, the number of listeners has remained stable, but the use of video podcast (i.e. listening and watching the podcast) is becoming increasingly popular.

This measurement also examined how people gain inspiration and look for new podcasts, and for the first time insight was gained into the search journey.

About 6.3 million Dutch people aged 16 and older (44%) sometimes listen to a podcast, which is roughly the same as the previous meeting (November 2020). Just as the previous measurements showed, the podcast is particularly popular among men and the highly educated. However, students take the cake: no less than 73% of the students sometimes listen. Relaxation and entertainment remain the main reasons for listening. Furthermore, people mainly listen at home (70%) and on the road (44%) and mainly via Spotify (47%) and YouTube (42%).

The number of listeners has not grown for the first time. Michael Petit, Marketing Manager at Markteffect research agency, explains: ‘In recent measurements, we have consistently seen an increase in the number of podcast listeners, and this percentage has remained roughly the same for the first time. The expectation is that the peak in the number of listeners has not yet been reached, but that it will no longer grow explosively. We also see that people are increasingly listening to the same podcast: 33% are now subscribed to a series, this was still 25% in November 2020. The range of podcasts is still increasing rapidly, which means that makers have to do their best to be unique and be found. Social media appears to be an important source in the search.’

Advertising and podcasts

Due to its popularity, the podcast may seem like an excellent opportunity to advertise, but do people listen to these advertisements?

As in the previous measurement, an externally recorded commercial is experienced as the most disturbing form of sponsored content. A sponsored column or discussing certain products is the least disruptive. About 41% of listeners hear an advertisement at some point. It turns out that 59% of listeners sometimes skip through the ad and 13% always skip through the ad.

Furthermore, 8% of the listeners indicate that they have paid for podcasts and 39% indicate that they are willing to do so if necessary, depending of course on the investment.

Viewing behavior around podcasts

In this fifth measurement, Markteffect has made a number of additions and adjustments. For example, for the first time specific questions have been asked about viewing behavior around podcasts and the extent to which people are willing to pay is also discussed in more detail.

It is striking that no less than 40% of the listeners indicate that they sometimes watch podcasts, while the medium initially gained popularity mainly thanks to its audio form. In addition, 60% of people who did not know that watching podcasts was possible say they will consider it in the future. So there seems to be an increasing need for podcasts that people can also watch.

Search journey: How do you get inspiration and search for a new podcast?

In addition, this measurement also included extensive research into the way in which people search for new podcasts to listen to. It turns out that people are very actively looking for new podcasts themselves, but that social media, and Instagram in particular, are an important source of inspiration. More information about the results and the search journey can be found in the report, which can be downloaded free of charge from

AS WE SPEAK Podcasts

The results of the Market Effect Podcast Monitor were again discussed in a podcast with AS WE SPEAK Podcasts. AS WE SPEAK Podcasts creates tailor-made high-quality and impactful podcasts (series) for brands and has developed easy-to-implement podcast formats for various internal and external corporate communication challenges.

The podcast lasts 32 minutes, the ideal length for a podcast according to the Dutch podcast listener! Curious about the podcast? Listen here or on Spotify.

Research accountability

The survey was conducted by independent research agency Markteffect among a representative sample of 1,033 respondents aged 16 years and older.


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