July 1 Global Diversity Survey of Marketers

It examines how diverse the industry is and how employees experience the approach within their own organization.

The Dutch drivers of this initiative are bvA – the Dutch equivalent of WFA – and VIA, together with partners from the Dutch Marketing Diversity Fund and other industry peers.

All of the Netherlands fill in on July 1th

The aim of the joint approach is to achieve maximum participation in the survey and to achieve this by organizing the All-in day on 1 July next: the day on which everyone in the profession reserves time to complete the survey.

All organizations will call on their supporters to participate in this All-in day, exactly one year after the foundation of the Dutch Marketing Diversity Fund.

Henriette van Swinderen, director of bvA: ‘By participating in the research on a large scale, it will be possible to gain Netherlands-specific insights into the current situation, so that we as an industry can work on a working environment in which everyone feels recognized and valued.’


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