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Henkel Laundry & Homecare, parent company of household brands such as Persil, Silan and Dixan, is launching a new lifestyle platform called Team Clean. The platform, developed by Wayne Parker Kent, provides consumers with tips and advice for solving ‘problems in and around the home’.

The first rollout of Team Clean is in the United States, Australia, Germany, Poland and Austria. Wayne Parker Kent (from Amsterdam) is responsible for strategy, concept, content creation and design of the platform.

Team Clean contains tips and tricks for solving problems in and around the home, plus discounts on Henkel products. The primary goal is to get registrations from consumers so that Henkel can ‘better connect’ its customers. The platform will also be available for ‘external advertising partnerships’ and other brands at a later date.

Clyde Araujo, head of global eCRM at Henkel, says: “As a classic FMCG manufacturer, we have traditionally had no direct relationship with our audience. However, to be successful in this day and age, that direct connection is indispensable. That is why we commissioned Wayne Parker Ken to develop this project. We base the content on the actual search behavior of our target group. That, together with the strong brand identity, ensured that we exceeded all key targets in the first year.”

Daan Zoetmulder, managing director of Wayne Parker Kent, adds: “Henkel asked us to build a loyalty platform to accelerate their digital transformation. We have launched a new brand concept including brand identity, which allows Henkel to communicate with its end users. The strategy in the field of SEO, content and digital services provides the company with a direct customer relationship. In the coming years, we will help Henkel strategically and creatively roll out this platform in new countries.’

View the platform here.


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