Heinz and Gorillas join forces for summer BBQ season

Suppose you fancy a spontaneous BBQ party with your friends. On a nice summer day, in the park, in the garden or on your city balcony. The world’s most famous ketchup and sauce producer Heinz now makes it extra easy for the consumer by putting a complete BBQ box in front of you within 10 (!) minutes. It is a temporary promotion in collaboration with the flash deliverers of Gorrilas, the instant delivery service that is rapidly rolling out in the Netherlands with the promise to deliver your (forgotten) supermarket groceries within 10 minutes.

The box is a limited edition and contains everything you need to make flame-grilled burgers à la minute. Think of a disposable BBQ, matches, hamburger buns, corn on the cob, meat or veggie and the sauces and to complete the picture, including a reusable delivery bag to tidy everything up neatly. Orders go through the app of the delivery service on your mobile phone. Ten minutes later, a complete BBQ package is delivered by a Gorillas rider wherever you want, in a city where Gorillas deliver. The activation is part of the new ‘grilling campaign‘ from Heinz this summer, according to the initiators.

Daphne van Schie, E-Commerce Lead Kraft Heinz: ‘The collaboration with Gorillas is a good example of the omnichannel strategy that we envision for our brands at Kraft Heinz. We want to serve our customers and fans through all possible channels. Not only through the well-known physical supermarket channels, but also online. Whether you order your weekly groceries online at the webshop of your favorite supermarket and receive it three days later. Or instant delivery like now with Gorillas, within ten minutes.’

instant delivery
Super-fast ‘grocery delivery’ is on the rise, as an alternative to other online supermarket delivery services In addition to pioneer Gorillas, which is now active in nine cities in the Netherlands, the German Flink and Getir (a concept from Turkey) have recently become active on the Dutch market.

The cooperation is not limited to this action. The intention is also to cooperate structurally. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in other European markets where both parties are active. In addition to the Netherlands, this collaboration with the Heinz bbq box will also start in Germany, for example. Gorillas is also active in several countries. Daphne van Schie: ‘instant delivery we see as an important trend. Not only in the Netherlands but all over Europe. What we now bring is convenience at its best. This is what consumers want now.’

Some insights about BBQ in the Netherlands
– 9 out of 10 Dutch barbecues at least once a year
– 66% have their own BBQ
– 92% use sauces at the BBQ
– 62% eat burgers during the BBQ

(source: third National BBQ Research by Trendbox powered by Motivaction and Activate&Co)

About Heinz
‘At Heinz (since 1869), taste is the most important thing. For over 150 years. All Heinz products have the Heinz flavor you know and love to take everyday moments to a new level. From our Basic Tomato Products such as Heinz Tomato Frito to the new Heinz Burger Sauce. And of course: the iconic Heinz Tomato Ketchup.’

(source: Heinz)

About Gorillas
Gorillas is a pioneer in what is called ‘instant delivery’. Groceries delivered to you within 10 minutes. A revolutionary concept that was unthinkable until recently. The Berlin-based start-up is one of the fastest-growing start-up companies in Europe and is expanding rapidly to other countries, including the Netherlands since the beginning of this year. Gorillas are redefining the way consumers shop. Aimed at maximum production and speed of delivery.’

(source: Gorillas)


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