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Healthy and sustainable living with wooden houses

The topic of sustainability is also becoming more and more present in house construction. What used to be found almost exclusively in Scandinavian countries has long since reached the center of Europe: wooden houses.

A large part of the German cities and villages is still dominated by houses made of stone and concrete. But wooden houses are becoming increasingly important. This is not only due to its cozy appearance, but also to the very practical advantages that this natural material has to offer.

These are the advantages of building wooden houses

In order to be able to designate a wooden house as such, the building needs a load-bearing wooden frame (wooden frame construction). This can also be the case, for example, if the house has a brick facade.

A decisive advantage when building a wooden house is usually that it takes much less time to build than conventional solid houses. In some cases, entire facade parts are manufactured in assembly halls and transported as a whole to the construction site, where they only have to be assembled. That saves a lot of time and therefore money.

Since wooden houses have a lower overall weight, they can also be built in difficult soil conditions, as they normally do not require a high floor load-bearing capacity. In addition, the smaller wall thickness allows larger rooms to be created, which means more living space is available.

More sustainability with wooden houses

Trees are a domestic and renewable raw material. They bind and store carbon dioxide and release vital oxygen into the environment. In the long term, the construction of wooden houses will store more and more CO2 and help reduce greenhouse gases.

In addition, due to its nature, wood is a material with a high thermal protection factor and therefore a good insulating material. This makes it easier to meet the requirements for state funding from the KfW development bank. In combination with a solar system, heat pump or photovoltaic system, a wooden house can even become a plus-energy house.

In addition, wood has a pleasant and calming effect on us humans and also ensures a verifiably healthier room climate, which can be a great advantage, especially for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

All that glitters is not gold

But even with wooden houses there are some disadvantages that should be mentioned. For example, the sound insulation of a solid house is better than that of a wooden construction. So you shouldn’t necessarily build a house like this on a busy street.

The quality of the wood is also a very important point, as otherwise high renovation costs have to be expected if, for example, a construction fault leads to stagnant water in the house. Unkempt wooden house facades are a popular destination for vermin and mold. Owners should look after their wood at regular intervals.

Nevertheless, the proportion of wooden houses in new buildings is continuously increasing. But such a decision should not be taken lightly. If you are not sure whether you like the quality of life and atmosphere in a wooden house, you can spend a few nights in such a house with many providers.

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