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Forbes Ranking These are the largest companies in the world in 2021

The post-corona fever is rampant on the stock exchanges. “Forbes” states in this year’s “The Global 2000” ranking: The market value of the 2000 largest listed companies in the world has increased by a gigantic 47 percent in the past twelve months. Together, as of April 16, 2021, they were worth $ 79.8 trillion on the stock exchanges. Business during the pandemic alone couldn’t explain this trend. According to the analysis, total sales fell by six percent to 39.8 trillion euros in the first Covid 19 year. Profits even plummeted 24 percent to $ 2.5 trillion. On the other hand, there was an increase in assets, which rose 11 percent to $ 223 trillion.

Largest companies in the world

The stock boom was also evident in the newcomers in the ranking. IPOs only added ten new companies to the list in 2019. In 2020, 30 companies were able to do this. The largest of these newcomers was the Chinese financial company Lufax Holding in 500th place. The generally rising share prices have raised the threshold for the Club of 2000. In 2020, a market capitalization of around $ 5.27 billion was enough to be considered by “Forbes”. On the current list, it was 57 percent higher at $ 8.26 billion. Forbes evaluates the size of a company based on four factors: sales, profits, assets and market capitalization.

“The Global 2000” illustrates the predominance of a few countries when it comes to the largest companies in the world. Almost three quarters of the companies listed are concentrated in just ten countries. In the top 10, the supremacy is even stronger. All but one of the seats will be divided between two industrialized nations. According to Forbes, these are the largest companies in 2021.

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