FintechDigital veteran Chris Öhlund prepares a large fintech project

Tech manager Chris Öhlund.PR / P7S1

The first signs appeared in March. The “Adler app” was looking for users on a test website. It is supposed to organize electricity and mobile phone contracts and invest the amount saved in an ETF portfolio when changing contracts. The consultants from BCG Digital Ventures came up with the idea (Finance Forward reported).

At the same time, the digital unit was looking for a management for the project, as usual secretly. It is said that the applicants did not find out who the client was.

A new project that recently emerged now provides information on who BCG Digital Ventures is apparently working with for fintech: Chris Öhlund, who, as CEO of the Verivox comparison portal, has many years of management experience. BCG has already provided him with a chief technology officer.

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