Falling corona numbers: Companies are demanding permanent openings

The end of the corona crisis seems to be in sight, but thousands of companies are still in the back burner mode. There is now resistance to this.

Given the falling corona numbers and the progress in vaccination, companies see the opportunity for large-scale and long-term openings. All companies that are currently closed should be offered a clear perspective for starting business activity, according to recommendations from the member companies of chambers of industry and commerce. The paper was available to the German Press Agency on Monday. First the “world” reported about it.

“What the economy needs now are transparent, reliable and therefore comprehensible regulations,” it says. The aim should be to give companies planning security for an economically sensible, permanent opening.

In addition to the progress made in the vaccination campaign, the paper also refers to a comprehensive test infrastructure. This offers the opportunity for openings in the event industry, fitness studios and the trade fair industry, which have been closed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Self-tests under supervision

Specifically, in the paper, the companies advocate that test options should be designed to be low-threshold, for example as self-tests under supervision including a test certificate. This would allow as many people as possible to have access to retail or services.

Clear nationwide agreed criteria and regulations, even if the incidence value is below 100, could help to avoid “distortions of competition” and create a better framework for planning security to enable companies to operate economically again.

Equal treatment with the food trade

In addition, “equal treatment of like” is required. In the retail sector, based on experience in food retailing and other everyday shops, the risk of infection has been shown to be very low.

“That speaks in favor of equal treatment of the rest of the retail trade – with mostly significantly lower customer frequency – with the food retail trade.” The admission and opening criteria for the food retail trade, for example with a person restriction and access without testing, should be applied nationwide and regardless of the range in the entire retail sector.


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