Fairtrade Original officially B Corp certified

B Corp aims to redefine the economy by making it more inclusive and sustainable. Worldwide there are 2,500 companies affiliated with B Corp, with 90 in the Netherlands, including Fairtrade Original.

In April this year, the food company, which sells sustainable products such as Thai curries, coconut milk and coffee, was in the middle of the assessment process, as can be read on MarketingTribune at the time. Steven van Wijk, managing director of Fairtrade Original, says: ‘We have been committed to fair trade and equal opportunities for everyone for decades. The fact that we are now officially B Corp certified feels like a nice compliment and recognition for our hard work.’


Obtaining the B Corp certificate is an extensive process, which is assessed on five key points: sustainability, labor rights, transparency, customers and (local) community. Van Wijk: ‘The intensive assessment gives us a clear picture of the positive contribution we make as an organization and it offers insight into where we can improve. It stimulates us to take the next step.’


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