Ex-Siemens boss Kaeser advertises Green leader Baerbock as chancellor

The Chancellor candidate of the Greens receives the advocacy of an ex-top manager: Joe Kaeser. The former Siemens boss thinks that Baerbock would approach the economy and find sustainable solutions.

The former Siemens Siemens share-Chef Joe Kaeser vehemently promotes the green candidate for Chancellor Annalena Baerbock. “As far as her comprehension and interest are concerned, she reminds me a lot of our current Chancellor,” Kaeser told the Süddeutsche Zeitung on Wednesday. Baerbock has “certainly the greatest credibility for sustainable and long-term renewal” among the candidates for chancellor.

He got to know Baerbock as a politician who approaches the economy, listens and “incredibly quickly” also familiarizes herself with traditional industrial topics such as steel, chemistry or energy technology, said Kaeser. You are looking for economical and sustainable solutions.

The former Siemens CEO emphasized that he considered all three candidates for chancellor to be of integrity and suitable – including those from the Union and the SPD. However, Baerbock stands for a socio-ecological market economy that Germany needs, said Kaeser: “Your pragmatism is important when it comes to contexts: it sees the ecological aspects, but also knows that we are an industrialized country.”

The fact that the green candidate for chancellor lacks government experience is “not a decisive factor” for Kaeser, he said in the interview. “The past is not always helpful for the future either.”


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