Elon Musk and Bitcoin (BTC), divorce implied by ambiguous tweet

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The Thousand and One Manipulations of Elon Musk, chapter 10. After the episode of the discovery of how it works Bitcoin (BTC), or even that of his new fad to send Dogecoin to the moon, literally, we are starting to know him and his eccentricities. The beloved character of all returns today with a new tweet, a broken heart which plays on the symbolism and the ambiguity of which only he has the secret.

It’s go again

A cryptic and childish tweet on a serious subject, a smiley that wants to be ambiguous but not really and above all a gutsy community harassed by a billionaire in need of attention. Yes, you guessed it, it is the new explosive cocktail prepared by the twitter account ofElon musk.

But what is the meaning behind this enigmatic tweet? A break between You’re here and is Bitcoin (BTC) really the order of the day?

And finally, do we really need to ask the question? Between its pranks and its annoying tendency to want to titillate the crypto community for the simple unhealthy pleasure of testing its influence and ridiculing an entire ecosystem, it is difficult to continue to give it credit. It is simply not imaginable that such a tweet could represent an official announcement. And it is not the continuation of his even more childish message that will prove the contrary:

An insufficient call to order

Elon musk had yet received a recent call to order from the US stock market constable regarding tweets that violated an agreement they had concluded. But obviously, this was not enough to bring Elon Musk into the ranks and on the contrary seems to have strengthened his feeling of impunity.

Although his cryptocurrency tweets were not directly involved in the litigation, the SEC reminded him of the obligation to validate all of his tweets regarding the company’s affairs. You’re here by his lawyers before publication.

From the position ofElon musk and the massive investment of You’re here in Bitcoin (BTC), it seems legitimate to consider the two inseparable and therefore each tweet involving BTC would concern the company.

But obviously, that will not have been enough to bring Elon Musk into the ranks and he seems to have on the contrary strengthened his feeling of impunity.
It is now questionable whether concrete measures will be taken in the face of the recidivism of the auto industry magnate. States often claim that strict regulations are in the interest of protecting individuals. But, in this case, when will we protect them from the odious manipulations of Elon Musk?

A tweet that does not leave the market indifferent

Obviously, the impact on the market was not long in coming since as soon as the offending tweet appeared, Bitcoin (BTC) began to fall and saw its value drop by more than $ 2000 in a few hours.

Investors will no doubt have taken fright by already imagining a serious break between You’re here and Bitcoin (BTC) following this “declaration”, a fear that can be understood in view of the quantity owned by the company.
Even if, of course, although this does not bode well for the future, it would be strange to have announced that Tesla had not yet sold any Bitcoin following his first tweet to do the exact opposite a few days later. The credibility, if any, ofElon musk and his company would be finished.

The escapades of the eccentric CEO of You’re here continue to shake the market, despite the vain attempts to contain it, nothing helps. The image of a pioneer and visionary that he was able to build in the crypto industry at the start of the year quickly faded from collective memory. Replaced by that of an immature joker and the most hated personality in the history of the blockchain community.

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