ClearSky app to offset CO2

Dept has partnered with Terra Neutra, an organization that empowers businesses and consumers to manage their carbon footprint. Together they create ClearSky, an ecommerce app for Shopify to live and shop more positively.

ClearSky is designed for use in Shopify stores as a way to offset the carbon footprint of a purchased product, in addition to the carbon footprint of the delivery that can already be offset through Shopify. Merchants using Shopify can integrate the ClearSky app to provide customers with an option to offset the carbon footprint of their chosen item.

ClearSky calculates the carbon footprint of products in Shopify stores using Terra Neutra’s API, which is linked to a peer-reviewed, eco-friendly Life Cycle Assessment database.

Store owners can also use the ClearSky app to cover the product compensation costs themselves and mark this benefit in the shopping cart.

Ashley Streb, partner at Rocket Insights (part of Dept.): “As more and more stores sell online, it’s critical that consumers have an easy way to offset their online purchases. With over 44 million Shopify customers, there is huge potential for the ClearSky app to help many store owners and consumers create a more carbon positive world.”


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