Businesses not ready for cookieless world

Companies like Facebook and Google now collect third-party cookies to set ads and build customer profiles. Now that a major player like Google has indicated that it will block third-party cookies, the end of an era is near.

Advertisers and companies will have to communicate their campaigns in a different way.

A new strategy in which SEO becomes much more important, partly due to targeted email marketing and more use of socials, is worth an investment.

In the DDMA Barometer, 69 percent of companies indicate that they are preparing for a cookieless world. The vast majority (94 percent) tackle the problem mainly on the marketing side. On the other hand, 19 percent of companies surveyed have not yet taken any steps to prepare for a world without third-party cookies.

Internal capabilities
One of the reasons why the transition to a third-party cookie-free era isn’t going so smoothly for the companies surveyed is because a small majority believe they have the right people to continue their current marketing activities, according to the DDMA report.

Within that small majority, only 51 percent say the right one tooling in-house and no fewer than one in four of the companies surveyed have no internal knowledge at all. Trust in specialist partners, on the other hand, is much higher, because almost three in four respondents think they have the right partners to continue current marketing activities without third-party cookies.


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