Blue: positive development of customer experience

Large-scale research by Blauw in 2021 shows that the Netherlands is developing positively in the field of customer experience. By 2021, 67% of all organizations will be in the three highest customer-driven maturity stages. In 2018 this was 57%.

Business service providers and B2B organizations are lagging behind

Research by Blauw shows that various sectors are investing heavily in customer focus. The largest sector risers in 2021 are: IT, Construction and Transport & Logistics. Business service providers, on the other hand, score noticeably less positively on customer experience. In addition, the research shows that organizations that only focus on B2B target groups, clearly lag behind other organizations in the Netherlands.

Management pays more attention to CX, pleasure among employees does not increase with it

The board and management of organizations in the Netherlands appear to be paying more and more attention to customer experience. But the influence of this positive development will not yet be reflected in the workplace in 2021. Employees in different departments do not feel more responsible for the customer experience than before. The pleasure of working with customer feedback, an important success factor, has not increased in Dutch organizations in recent years.

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