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Who doesn’t want to go to the sun? The groundwater is almost back to normal here, but for many compatriots it is above the ankles and they flee. Lock up the country because of the bad weather. No dog would dare to be outside and book a dinner on a covered terrace without patio heating. Where are the clearings? ‘In Europe, and indeed beyond, a remarkable mating dance is going on in the battle for the tourist. Because now that it’s allowed again, every holidaymaker is worth gold.’ I read this in the Gazet van Antwerpen in an article by Patrick van de Perre. I enjoy Flemish. For that reason alone I regularly scan Flemish newspapers. How inspiring for us down-to-earth Dutch content marketers. ‘A new ailing season is not an option, with the dramatic year and a half in mind.’

I read a shocking story on ‘Why leaders should show their modest side.’ Some quotes from the article. “While we are still attracted to arrogant leaders, the humble leader appears to be much more successful.” “Even when we know that people are not as good as they think, we are seduced by their pride.” “This is one of the reasons why incompetent men rather than competent women are still selected for leadership roles. If a woman is too assertive, she will be liked less.’ ‘Modest people do not consider themselves better than others, do not suffer from overestimation and believe in the knowledge and ideas of others.’

In this context, it is interesting to read, for example, that so-called data-resistant companies do not see this as their best friend. After all, they have always done it without data. Data may even be a threat, as it may reveal hidden performance issues. So no to digital transformation. I quote FW that recently came up with a lengthy story about entering a date-driven culture. Data is also becoming increasingly important within content marketing. Denial (read pride) shows bad leadership. Data curious companies know that valuable data is available within the company that can make an important contribution to success. Read the story on FW.

And what do you think of the way Canal Digitaal announces a price increase: ‘Nice that you watch TV via Canal Digitaal! To make your TV experience even more complete, we are continuously improving our services and expanding our offer.’ Then follows a generous list of improvements, which you’re not sure if they weren’t in the package for a long time, and then conclude with. ‘Due to the increased costs of transmitting the channels and inflation, we are unfortunately forced to increase the price of the Riant, Rijk and Royaal packages by € 2 per month as of 1 July 2021.’ Smart or cunning. Clean appearance I would say. stupid. Bad communication. The editor must have felt the boss’s cold breath on his neck and had little room for another view.

The word first-party data on FW triggered me to read a story from which I quote the following quote: ‘If you have properly organized your e-commerce data, it is possible to make predictions based on this. If the visitors to your website are individually identifiable with a unique code, you can see what actions have been taken on your website by users. You can then also see which users have made a transaction on the website in the past period.

If you use this data to train a model, it will identify the most valuable actions (input variables) for achieving a transaction (desired output).’ How simple is that. How far are marketers and content marketers in using data within their strategy? I’d like to read a bit more about that. Because how many ‘throw-it-in-my-pet-reactions’ would such a sentence evoke.

On, Cors Hospes, storyteller par excellence, urges entrepreneurs who want to engage in content marketing, first of all to look for the crook. Who is your greatest enemy? Hospes: ‘A story is about someone with a wish that he manages to realize after all kinds of hassle.’ Without an enemy there is no story. An enemy can give you a Snow White feeling’. ‘That crook is not your competitor. Those years of mock fights between Burger King and McDonald’s were just Spielerei, I think. Just like that battle between Coke and Pepsi and Nike and Adidas. Those brands need each other like Feyenoord Ajax. Like Rutte Omtzigt, like David Goliath.’ You can read more about this at


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