Aircraft manufacturer stops delivery of the 787 jet again

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has problems with its long-haul 787 jet. Apparently the delivery of the plane is delayed again – that could be expensive.

Boeing Boeing Co share According to a press report, he has to accept a further setback when rectifying the production defects on his long-haul 787 “Dreamliner”. The manufacturer has stopped the delivery of the aircraft type again, reported the “Wall Street Journal” on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Reason are further questions from the US aviation authority FAA about Boeing’s problem solutions. The group did not resume delivery of the Dreamliner jets until March after a five-month interruption.

A Boeing spokesman said, “We are working to provide the FAA with additional information for analysis and documentation related to the review of the 787 jets that have not yet been delivered.” This has no effect on the aircraft that are already in service with airlines.

It is unclear when it will be delivered

According to the “Wall Street Journal” it is still unclear how long the interruption will last this time. American Airlines would have it American Airline share should receive a machine this week. Now the delivery should take place next week at the earliest, the newspaper quotes one of its sources.

From a financial point of view, it is important for Boeing to get the machines from the yard. Because customers only pay a large part of the purchase price when they have received the aircraft they have ordered.

In March Boeing had only delivered two copies, according to a spokesman in April there were eleven machines. He has not yet given any figures for May.

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