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Bitcoin (BTC) is to money what Tor or brave is to browsers and DuckDuckGo or Qwant to search engines. Bitcoin appears to be an essential barrier in the face of the technofascist hold and its long-announced liberticidal drifts.


Big Brother’s sieve

Google, Facebook, Twitter and others use algorithms to sort through the information that you will see, or not… From these black boxes spring filtering parameters which are constantly updated according to the ideology of the moment.

This segregation of information is done by passing astronomical quantities of “data” through the machine learning mill. From this process emerges what are commonly called artificial intelligences. In other words, algorithms that learn to identify acceptable content, or not …

These uninhibited speech detectors make it possible to engage in “shadow banning” in order to stifle certain speeches. We say “furtif banishment” in French. This means that one is censored without even knowing about it. In other words, your torrents of tweets are like pissing in a violin, in good French.

The magazine Vice already reported in 2018 that twitter was removing American Republican figures from its search engine. In 2019, we were learning outright via The Independent that the Middle East’s “editorial leader” was a British Army officer in a cyber information warfare unit…

Facebook, a veritable swamp infested with “sponsored” links, has also crossed the rubicon. The social network recently decided to remove posts containing the phrase “Stop the Steal”.


Along with “shadow banning”, we also have “astroturfing”. This cybernetic propaganda technique aims to give the false impression of spontaneous behavior or popular opinion on the Internet.

The term “astroturfing” was first used by US Senator Lloyd Bensten after receiving numerous letters (paper) that he believed to receive from his citizens when it was in fact a campaign of lobbying fomented by a single insurance company …

Similarly, it is now possible to orchestrate fictitious crazes on a much larger scale by artificially increasing the number of “likes”, “shares” and even “comments” in order to stimulate our gregarious spirit. A stupidity “liked” 1000 times becomes a “truth”, as the other would say …

The “bots” are part of the arsenal of astroturfing. These are “artificial intelligences” masquerading as humans. In 2017, for example, 8% of comments posted on the web in connection with the German election were made by inhuman cyber-activist bots.

Facebook is well aware that it has in its hands a real tool for mass manipulation. The mastodon has also carried out experiments on half a million guinea pigs to demonstrate that it was possible to provoke mass “emotional contagion”. Zuckerberg realized that it suffices to provide more negative information to a user for their posts to the network to become significantly more negative, and vice versa …

Cambridge Analytica

Facebook, Twitter, etc. have become surveillance systems where everyone is profiled. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, a dismal psychological profiling company, demonstrated this sadly during the election campaign pitting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton in 2017.

Here’s what the leaders of Cambridge Analytica have to say about their business:

“If you collect data on people and profile them, you can segment the population to deliver messages to them on topics they care about using images and language that are likely to grab their attention. […] Our job is to identify what are the deepest fears of voters (psychological profile). There is no point in campaigning based on facts, because votes are emotional. “

Cambridge Analytica went so far as to use 5,000 types of information about every American to classify it into 32 personality types. So much data obtained by crossing the “likes” and allowing to categorize the population psychologically in order to know exactly where to press to influence the votes via the propagation of messages playing with fears and political divisions.


A few dozen likes are enough to be almost certain of a person’s skin color, sexual orientation, political side, whether or not they use hard drugs. Over 150 likes and it is possible to know you better than your parents. More than 300 likes and we know more about you than your partner, or even yourself …

The Cambridge Analytica scandal alone sums up the realization of the worst fears we could have for democracy vis-à-vis the collection of our private data. The manipulation is now done surgically, tailor-made, case by case …

The great purge

And as these techniques of disguise of reality are not sufficient to bait the barge, the “dissident voices” are regularly slashed some of their followers. This is also the case with your servant (@cryptojournalFr) …

When some people get too popular and cumbersome, their accounts are simply deleted overnight. The latest demonstration is the total censorship of President Trump. But not only. In recent days, we have witnessed a real purge which has already resulted in the deletion of a large number of accounts, some of which sometimes have millions of followers.

Worse, faced with the exodus of users exasperated by these Stalinist practices, Apple and Google have fled to Twitter’s aid by removing competing applications such as #PARLER and #GAB from their App stores. Amazon joined the plot by disconnecting the Talking App’s servers. Paypal has also cut ties with these apps, as they had already done with Wikileaks …

These illegal practices show that the powerful are very afraid of losing the power to direct / distract the masses. One need only take a glance at the market valuation side of these ministries of truth to understand what is at stake…

Unfortunately for them, competing privacy-friendly apps (for now…) are exploding. #Gap instead of Twitter. Signal or Telegram to replace Whatsapp. Telegram registered 25 million new users in 75 hours and now has a total of 500 million users… (Edward Snowden recommends Signal)

Freedom of expression and freedom of transaction

Christine Lagarde and Jean-Claude Trichet are to money what Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey are to social networks.

Trichet, the former president of the ECB, and now head of the trilateral commission for Europe as well as of the G30 (the biggest banking lobby in the world), delivered his annual interview last week in which he called “all regulators to look into the bitcoin issue ”. Do not miss our decryption in this article.

Having received the message, Christine Lagarde hurried to echo it on Reuters’ microphone:

“Bitcoin is a highly speculative asset. Look at recent developments on the upside, and now on the downside. To those who thought bitcoin would become a currency, I am terribly sorry but it is only an asset, a very speculative asset. […] An asset also used for money laundering.[…] We need to agree on a global regulation. We could initialize it at the level of the G7 before proposing it to the G20. “

Christine Lagarde, January 13, 2021, Reuters Next

Christine lagarde bitcoin
“Because if there is an escape route, it will be used”
Is this a reference to Bitcoin in the face of the debt slavery system? …

Again and again the argument of volatility. As if it made sense to accuse a newborn of not sleeping through the night… Why do we never talk about the volatility of the purchasing power of fiat money? Hasn’t the dollar lost 97% of its value in the space of a century? ..

Criticize the volatility of a cryptocurrency appreciating more than 200% per year and as laughable as censoring a president who has obtained 75 million votes.

All that being said, everyone knows that bankers have a secret agenda to do away with cash and continue to wash us out with inflation in order to perpetuate slavery through debt …


The mass surveillance / censorship and the end of the cash are two sides of the same coin. Look at China where citizens can no longer spend their money when their “Social Credit” is too low. If Christine Lagarde, by launching her “Digital Euro”, intends to get closer to this model, then Bitcoin has a bright future ahead of it …

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