Volkswagen: In the footsteps of Tesla

In December sales at Volkswagen fell by 3 percent, resulting in a drop of 6 percent for the fourth quarter. For the full year, Volkswagen came to a minus of 15 percent. Without the figures from China, the minus would be 19 percent. Despite the decline, some market share was gained.

A big plus, even if it comes from a low level, is with the electric cars. Here sales will increase by 195 percent in 2020. VW sells 422,000 e-cars. The e-car manufacturer Tesla, which is highly traded on the stock exchange, has 499,550 e-cars sold.

The economy should recover again in 2021. Volkswagen should also benefit from this.

In a recent study, the analysts at Independent Research confirm the buy recommendation for Volkswagen shares. The price target for the papers from VW remains at 169.00 euros.

The experts expect Volkswagen’s earnings per share of EUR 19.93 in 2021. This results in a PER of 7.6. The dividend yield is seen at 3.6 percent.

Volkswagen shares gain 0.3 percent to 152.46 euros.


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