These countries are best for remote work

Working from home is increasing – not least because of the pandemic. Where the prerequisites are right, employees appreciate the flexibility when working from their own four walls. Working outside a permanent office is particularly easy in digital professions.

This was also recognized by some Caribbean islands last autumn, which, due to the lack of tourists, were relying on a new target group: employees in the home office. The islands of Aguilla, Aruba and Barbados therefore offered a special visa that allows you to live and work there for several months. Applicants usually have to provide proof of employment and income. A corona test or quarantine upon entry are also occasionally mandatory. In Aruba, the special visa is only aimed at US citizens.

However, what is most important for the right place to work are the necessary technical requirements and less the beautiful view and good weather. The Digital Nomad Index of the British telephone system provider Circle Loop has therefore compared the data from 85 countries and evaluated them using the central criteria for working in the home office and summarized them in an index. Circle Loop includes:

  • the average speed for broadband internet and mobile internet and their costs
  • the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment
  • the number of searches for jobs with remote work
  • and the World Happiness Index for the respective country

These countries are best suited for remote work


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