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Due to some real success stories, the scale segment DAX, MDAX and TecDAX ran away in 2020. Fintech, streaming, eco funds, software or biotech – the winners come from sectors of the future.

January 15, 2021. FRANKFURT (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). In 2020, the scale segment left large and midcaps behind, and in the new year things will go up again significantly: On the Friday of the second trading week in 2021, the Scale All Share will be at 1,546 after 1,461 at the end of 2020. Last year, the Scale All Share score with a plus of 35 percent. The DAX, on the other hand, only increased by 3.5 percent, the MDAX by 6 percent and the TecDAX by 18 percent.

At the top of the course sixfold

The selection index Scale 30 also started the new year with profits and stood at 1,588 on Friday morning after 1,523 points at the end of 2020. The Naga Group (DE000A161NR7), Cliq Digital (DE000A0HHJR3), Ökoworld (DE0005408686), the top performers in the segment EQS Group (DE0005494165) and Media and Games Invest (MT0000580101).

Shareholders of the fintech The Naga Group have increased by 568 percent since January 2020, those of the streaming provider Cliq Digital to 490 percent. At the provider of ethical-ecological fund Ökoworld it is still 187 percent, at the software company EQS Group 138 percent and at the investment company Media and Games Invest 119 percent.

Profit-taking with Corona drug hope

For the high-flyer Formycon (DE000A1EWVY8) from the first half of December, things fell sharply again from mid-December, and the share has since recovered somewhat. The news about the development of a SARS-CoV-2 blocker with the name FYB207 had driven the price up to 72.80 euros, currently it is 63 euros. The share of the specialist for thermal process engineering and rotary kilns IBU-tec advanced materials (DE000A0XYHT5), which rose sharply in the fourth quarter, also weakened recently.

Formycon AG share price development

The share of Ernst Russ AG (DE000A161077), formerly HCI, recorded significant price gains in recent weeks. The rate has doubled since the beginning of December to currently 1.68 euros. In November, the company announced that it would be separating from its subsidiary Assetando Real Estate, which specializes in real estate fund and asset management, and specializing entirely in “maritime” investments, i.e. ships. The biggest loss-makers in scale over a period of one year are currently Vectron Systems, Cyan, Pantaflix, Deutsche Rohstoff AG and mVise.

“Strong performance profile” from Formycon, “high price potential” from Naga

The analysis company First Berlin also sees further potential for Formycon and has increased the price target from 43 to 78 euros (currently 63 euros) with an unchanged “Buy” rating. The analysts write that the development of novel drugs is riskier than the biosimilar development carried out before Corona. Past successes and Formycon’s proven expertise in antibody technology, however, indicated a low risk

The Naga Group also has supporters: GBC raised its target price yesterday from 4.30 to 7.03 euros (currently 4.16) and refers to the high growth dynamic in 2020 and the outlook for 2021, which is well above expectations. In addition to the general In a favorable market environment characterized by high volatility and therefore high transaction activity, the implemented focus and restructuring have borne fruit. “Despite the significant price increase in 2020, there is still high price potential.”

Further recommendations for scale stocks

by: Anna-Maria Borse
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