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Political engagement is greatest in these countries

Country comparisons often move in the field of tension between complexity and strong simplification. This also applies to the “Better Life Index” of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The authors examined eleven categories, including health, income, and work-life balance. In the individual divisions, however, it became quite one-dimensional. This is also shown in the “Civic Engagement” category. Here the OECD limited itself to two criteria for determining the degree of civil participation in the political process.

  1. Highest turnout: The average turnout in the OECD countries was said to be 68 percent. Older people and people with a higher level of education therefore made more use of their right to vote. The OECD found no fundamental differences with regard to men and women, but referred to Germany. In this country it is estimated that men vote seven percentage points more than women, while this ratio was reversed in Russia.
  1. Involving stakeholders in laws and regulations: Factors such as public participation, openness, transparency and mechanisms for feedback were evaluated.

The OECD collected data for its 37 member states and three key partner countries (Brazil, Russia and South Africa). These countries performed best:


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