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Podcast learning platform Simpleclub: “We were flooded with news”

The need for learning platforms and online offers for schoolchildren has increased due to the corona pandemic. Simpleclub also notices that
The need for learning platforms and online offers for schoolchildren has increased due to the corona pandemicimago images / MiS

For several weeks now, millions of children have been home schooled again. While schools still have some catching up to do on the subject of digital learning, private providers are developing intelligent solutions to support students, parents and teachers with homeschooling.

“It was tough in the first lockdown. Suddenly we had three times the number of users in one month, “said Alexander Giesecke, co-founder of the learning platform Simpleclub, in the podcast” Die Stunden Null. “” We then reacted fairly quickly to give out free access to our app. “Now growth is slower but still steady.

A YouTube channel with self-produced math tutoring videos has meanwhile become a company with 70 employees and seven-figure sales, which reaches over a million users per month with its app and learning platform. At the end of last year, Holtzbrinck Ventures joined the start-up as an investor, which it claims to have been profitable since 2018.

The trained staff creates extensive learning material for currently eleven subjects. Explanations by tutors at eye level, individually adapted to the level of learning and continuously improved through feedback and user data. In total, Simpleclub offers 3000 learning videos and 10,000 exercises.

“Politics is somehow trying to cook its own soup”

Alexander Giesecke sees a big gap in politics: “There are so many private providers who do nothing but build good solutions all day. And yet we feel like we’re going our separate ways. Politics is somehow trying to cook its own soup. There is not really a clear line where you can come together and pull together. “

The self-declared goal of the two young entrepreneurs: “We want to democratize education with Simpelclub.” Therefore, at the beginning of the Corona crisis, they provided the schools with free licenses for their platform. “We thought that a few hundred schools would come forward. We were then flooded with news and issued 1.9 million licenses within two weeks, ”says Giesecke. Many teachers who were overwhelmed by the sudden distance teaching and felt abandoned by politics were grateful for the help.

Hear in the new episode of “The Zero Hour”,

  • how Simpleclub wants to expand into other countries,
  • what the founder’s own teachers say about the offer,
  • what ideas the founders have for better integration with schools and politicians.

You can find all episodes directly at Audio Now, Apple or Spotify or via Google.


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