Plug Power share: News from the “casino” – exciting Monday ahead!

Our warning of possible significant profit-taking from the Plug Power share came at the right time. On the Wednesday before the NASDAQ launch, we published the first warning chart check and hit the very day on which the completely overhyped hydrogen and fuel cell value reached its top at $ 73.90 – that was exactly what happened on this Wednesday, the brought a wild trade with prices between $ 64.13 and $ 73.90 and a closing price of $ 69.50.

Wednesday trading is an example of the “casino” that has long been in power on NASDAQ here – and not only here. The Plug Power share is currently receiving the receipt for this price development. The urgently needed consolidation was significantly expanded on Friday, reaching a daily low of $ 57.32. That was more than 22 percent minus since the top on Wednesday and this also shows that wild speculation prevails here instead of somewhat normal price formation.

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