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Anthony Pompliano confirms his love for Bitcoin (BTC) for the umpteenth time with a forecast of a BTC at 1 million dollars, enough to raise an outcry among critics of BTC.


Big pump for Bitcoin

In an interview with the CNBC in FastMoney, Pompliano talked about the evolution of Bitcoin compared to other assets, especially gold.

For Pomp, ” Gold is the analog application of the principles of sound money while Bitcoin is the digital application of the principles of sound money “.

He added that BTC price will certainly exceed the million dollar mark.

JP Morgan had indicated a few days earlier a trend which is in line with the position taken by Pompliano.

Many investors would now choose invest in BTC rather than gold, a situation that could propel BTC towards 146,000 USD.


This type of statement obviously irritates Peter Schiff for whom the BTC is just a bubble that will eventually burst.

Pompliano also predicts a bankrupt dollar, which should work in favor of the bulls BTC.

HODleurs explode the price of BTC

Pompliano also tried to explain the reasons for the current bullish rally.

He evoked the imbalance between supply and demand in the market with HODleurs refusing to sell their Bitcoins and its popularity with institutional investors.

The BTC returned to $ 40,000 on January 14, 2021, after undergoing a major correction that rocked $ 30,000.


Mike Novogratz previously reported that Bitcoi’s market capitalizationn could reach 10% of that of gold before the end of 2021. By surpassing gold in one area – scarcity, 1 BTC vs 1 kilo of gold, market cap, etc. – BTC will take another decisive step that will increase its legitimacy as a hedging asset or a store of value. Bitcoin detractors continue to laugh yellow at the oldest crypto, but bitcoiners will wear a golden smile when Bitcoin has unmistakably overtaken Peter Schiff’s baby.

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