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Even if many investors do not realize it and the mainstream media do not want to hear it, in the past 5 years you have achieved a price gain of 66.3% with gold in euros, in the dollar it was even 78.6%. The DAX only rose by 27.7% in the same period. As a gold investor, you have done significantly better than the average German shareholder. Incidentally, this statement also applies to the past 20 years.

Gold investors have even been ahead for the last 20 years

It is important to me to mention this because at the beginning of 2001 I explicitly gave a long-term buy recommendation for gold. And in my 2003 book “The Greenspan Dossier”, which I wrote together with Roland Leuschel, we recommended gold as a basic investment for every security-conscious investor – at prices around $ 350 per ounce.

The media’s ignorance of the gold market is bullish

Despite this clear result, the mood around the stock exchange is downright euphoric, while gold is rarely mentioned. In contrast to the stock markets, the precious metal markets are still a long way from overheating. The widespread ignorance and even disapproval that gold experiences in the media is a very good sign. It suggests that this gold bull market still has a lot of room for improvement.

On the stock markets, however, the euphoria has reached extreme levels, and on the US stock exchange, which is still the world’s leading stock exchange, even historic records. As explained in the last Claus Vogt market commentary, this urges the greatest possible caution and signals an imminent end to this huge speculative bubble, which has now become the largest of all times and which overshadows the events of 1929 and 2000.

An early start to the chart creates welcome uncertainty and favorable prices

The following chart shows you the development of the gold price over the past two years. You see a regulated upward trend, in which every upward wave was followed by a correction in the form of generally bullish formations. The youngest of these formations began in early August 2020 and reached its (previous) low in late November.

At the beginning of January 2021, the breakout seemed to have taken place above the upper limit line of this principally bullish wedge formation and the next upward wave to begin. However, it was an early start and the courses fell back again.

Gold price per ounce in $, momentum oscillator, 2019 to 2021

At the beginning of the month, the gold price appeared to be breaking out of its bullish wedge formation. As you can see from the red circles, such early starts are not uncommon.


As you can see from the red circles, such early starts are not uncommon for gold. The same pattern existed in May and October 2019. In both cases, however, the announced upward wave was not long in coming. I expect a similar development now, not least because the small price decline of the past few days has led to great uncertainty among many gold investors. At least that’s what the sentiment indicators show.

Bullish signals not only in the precious metals sector

Part of my work routine is to look at hundreds of stock charts at the weekend in order to get information about important developments and changes as early as possible. What is particularly striking at the moment are numerous bottom formations and buy signals in the few sectors that were not captured by the speculative bubble and have a reasonable fundamental valuation. I have already given the readers of my market letter Crisis-Safe Investing initial buy recommendations for these very lucrative niche investments, and more will follow in the coming days and weeks.

In addition, numerous gold and silver mining stocks show chart patterns that typically only develop in corrective phases within healthy uptrends. Here you have another opportunity to get in at relatively low prices before the next upward wave takes off. You can find out which stocks I prefer now in my stock market letter Crisis-proof investing – now 30 days free of charge.

What you should know about Bitcoin & Co.

In the current speculative bubble, which has gripped large parts of the stock markets, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies play the same role as the Neuer Markt in 2000. However, there is one big difference to then: crypto currencies do not even pretend to be a business model, that one could at least discuss. They are flawless speculative objects, the purest that man has invented so far. They serve the sole purpose of speculation.

You can read everything you should know about Bitcoin in my little book on this topic, which I wrote together with Roland Leuschel. Whether you are speculating in Bitcoin, thinking about doing it, or are determined to let it go, you should know this nearly 100-page analysis.

“Bitcoin & Co. – Feint or redesign of the monetary system? What you should know about money, gold and cryptocurrencies “(ISBN: 9-789925-750306)

I wish you a nice weekend,


Claus Vogt, Editor-in-Chief of Crisis-Safe Investing

PS: Platinum has just given a strong long-term buy signal. I will give the readers of my stock market letter Crisis-Safe Investing specific buy recommendations shortly give.

PPS: If you want to get through this crisis week after week, please ask for the free Claus Vogt market commentary today here easily with your email at.

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